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South Park Bridge Celebration- Sherri in front of the Pacific Northwest's largest pinata!

BEFORE:  This young woman took a bad fall, lost a tooth and broke the adjacent teeth. This is a few weeks after the incident, note how the gums are collapsing at the missing tooth site.

AFTER:  The gums were recontoured and she elected to replace the missing tooth with a bridge.

BEFORE:  Multiple failing fillings and cavities and misaligned teeth...it was time to get cavity free and at the same time improve the smile.

AFTER:  The patient wanted to brighten the smile and selected a shade whiter than what we started with. Notice how we matched it to blend perfectly with the lower natural teeth. 

BEFORE:  Years ago, at another office, a root canal was done and over time the tooth discolored and turned very dark. A crown could be done but we elected to be more conservative and bleach the tooth from the inside instead.

AFTER:  A very nice outcome and a much more conservative form of treatment.

Seahawks Super Bowl Victory Parade 2014
Picture of Richard Sherman


The office is located in Southeast Seattle, in the South Park neighborhood.  We are located behind Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante at the 14th Ave. S. and Cloverdale S. intersection.  Call us for directions!  (206.762.2337)